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Are you ready for the US Market

Issues to consider when planning US market entry: Which States provide incentives to Israeli companies setting up operations in the US. Do you require your own US based operations immediately or can you partner or work through virtual offices and outsource sales functions. What functions can you off-load to US partners? How much to invest in product launches and market entry. Relocate Israeli staff to the US or recruit US personnel? Tax considerations and what US entity to establish? What is the balance between indirect selling (channel building \ distributors) and directly selling to clients and at which pricing points per client should you migrate to a different sales strategy in the US. Banking and insurance without a US credit history.

Please feel free to contact Aviad Kamara head of HiTech Care's Israel operations or Jack Katz head of HiTech Care's US operations to consider issues and planning surrounding US market entry.

Aviad Kamara
Tel: 972 77400 5069
Cell: 972 544 676969


Jack Katz
Tel: 925-699-0797

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