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Business Law by the Rimon Law Firm

Rimon Law Group
Rimon Law Offers Innovative and Fair Pricing

   At Rimon, we base our pricing on the value we provide to our clients. Hourly billing does not always reflect the true value obtained by clients. We offer our clients alternative pricing approaches including flat fees, equity shares, subscription-based, or contingency-based billing that match our prices to the value obtained by our clients. Our clients pay for value and not inefficiency; they pay for legal services and not lavish office space; they pay for the value of the services they receive and not for outmoded Twentieth Century business practice

    Rimon is a full-service corporate law firm with attorneys located throughout the United States and Israel. Members of the Rimon team trained at major law firms and international corporations and were educated at top-flight academic institutions. Rimon attorneys are accomplished practitioners, who previously served as senior members of the world’s leading law firms as well as in-house general counsel from major international corporations. They bring to Rimon’s clients a wide range of legal specialties and business experience. Lawyers are attracted to joining Rimon because they can better serve clients within Rimon’s unique structure and bill clients based on value delivered, without fees being artificially inflated because of outmoded conventions.
Our Business Model is Focused on Our Clients
    Because our attorneys are compensated based on objective metrics and not on firm politics, their singular focus is on our clients and efficiently serving their needs. The efficient centralized management of Rimon further permits members of the Rimon team to maintain focus on our clients without being sidetracked by administrative duties. As a result, our attorneys are able to customize each representation to a client’s particular needs, and to align their interests with those of the client. Partners are directly involved in every matter. Unlike other large corporate law firms, Rimon does not employ a pyramid or highly-leveraged model. Members of the Rimon team are never subject to minimum hourly billing requirements or any other metric that would serve to artificially inflate billing.

Rimon employs an optimal combination of both virtual and dedicated office space, together with secure cloud technology. This provides our lawyers and clients with ultimate access and flexibility. It ultimately saves our clients money since Rimon’s billing is based solely on the value of the legal services provided and not on amortizing lavish infrastructure costs.
We Use Cutting-Edge Technology to Serve Our Clients
Rimon’s advanced technology allows our partners to efficiently and personally represent clients globally and to keep abreast of legal matters in real-time. Both our attorneys and our clients can access matters from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day and attorneys are available to their clients via phone, e-mail, instant-messaging, video and of course, in person.

Rimon is an industry leader in alternative fee arrangements

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